Are you Out of Balance?

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“Balance” is such a buzz word right now.  Eat a balanced diet.  Maintain a work-life balance.  How do you balance your family and your work? Or simply, balance your tires during your oil change.  Seriously, we all want this “balance”, right?  This might only be me, but when I think of balance I still think of movement.  I don’t think of something straight across the board.  Rather, I think of a teetering scale, one side not overpowering the other, shifts in weight, shifts in importance.  This is because I am realistic!  There is no such thing as 50/50 in life, at least in mine.  I can relate so many real-life situations back to the body and how to take care of it.  If you continue to check in with me and read my blogs, you might want to get used to it😊


Body Balancing is no different.  Body balancing is a technique that uses movement to create a body in “balance” or adaptation if you want to call it that.  As in, NOT STUCK.  A balanced body can move without restrictions, can function without hiccups.  It creates a space for energy to move freely through the body instead of it getting “stuck”.  What causes energy to get stuck?  Car accidents, slip and falls, football, hockey, ANY TORSION ACCIDENTS, life the one above.  And we have only touched on the physical issues.  There are reactions in the body that occur from chemical and emotional forces as well.  That is why it is so common for people to feel an emotion when they are going through one of my body balancing sessions.  The motion or position of a person’s body releases a memory or feeling.  You mean pain in the body can be related to an emotion?  You bet I do!

Do you know anyone who comes to you saying, “gosh, my low back hurts today”, then a couple weeks later it is their right foot, then a few weeks later it is the left shoulder?  You are like, “Seriously, what’s next?”  Well that is a very good sign they could use a body balancing session.  There are restrictions in their body that need to be released.  People suffering from chronic pain are very good candidates for this kind of care.  Also, people who have just tried everything, OT, PT, medications, exercise, massage, surgery etc, but it does not go away. 

Body Balancing is very diverse, so most of what I talked about today is just a glimpse of what it is and who it can help.  Remember, I take care of a lot of kiddos too.  Do you think they fall and land awkwardly?  Um…YES, all of the time. 


In Health,

Dr. Josi

Josi Jenson