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CranioSacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) helps keep the nervous system function efficiently and effectively for optimal health. It’s a gentle technique, where we palpate along the cranium and spinal column to make sure there is efficient movement of your cerbebral spinal fluid, stimulating healing and balance within the body. Great for all ages!


Pediatric Chiropractic

As a child is learning to walk, getting hurt with sports injuries, or just your everyday childhood mishaps, there is always a risk of excess stress on the spine. Many adults who suffer from back pain today show evidence of that pain contributing from an injury during their childhood. This is why it is important to have your children regularly checked for any signs of spinal imbalances.

Prenatal Chiropractic

Expecting mothers have a lot of worries during their pregnancy. Chiropractic care should not be one of them as it is completely safe during your pregnancy. CORE Family Chiropractic specializes in family wellness. That covers mom, dad, kids, and your little one that hasn’t quite arrived. We use special techniques and equipment designed for prenatal chiropractic care

Join Us:

Spa Days- Enjoy a simply relaxing night learning and experiencing different techniques for self care.

Essential Oils 101- Learn how to use your essential oils and the health benefits of them. Be creative in using them for yourself and your family.

Core Confidence- Check out this inspirational page on FB. A great place to get uplifting info to fuel your soul.

Girl Talk- Young ladies get together to discuss this journey called life and become aware and confident in who they are. A great place to find girls like you. Check out this group in the Core Confidence group on FB.


Essential oils have become a necessity in my practice. Equipping patients with tools to best navigate through life has been a goal of mine and these potent little bottles of oil do just the trick.


Yes, nutrition does come from our food. This is where I would prefer to receive all of my nutrition, but the fact of the matter is, we just can’t count on receiving it all from the food we eat nowadays. That is why I use a variety of supplements to fuel my body with what it needs.

Another truth is that sometimes we are not well! Maybe we have brain fog, hormone imbalances, digestion troubles, joint pain, etc. Supplements can be the booster to set our bodies into healing mode, give it the strength to heal itself. I have hand picked these supplements to help with all different kinds of issues and support your wellness journey.

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