Consult with the Doc…

Does Dr. Josi think she can help you? The very first thing that happens at Core Family Chiropractic is you meet Dr. Josi. As you talk with her about your health concerns, she listens thoroughly to you and your goals to decide if chiropractic care or any other services she offers can benefit you and your family. Building a relationship with your doctor and trusting the care you receive is extremely important in reaching your health goals.

Evaluation of your Spine

As Dr. Josi evaluates your spine, she is looking at two major components. First she is looking at your posture, the structure of your spine. Next, she is looking at the integrity of your nervous system by using a highly analytical, non-invasive system of scans to evaluate your nerve function. As every nerve has a purpose of communicating information through the body, it is vital they are performing at a high level in order to have a HEALTHY BODY. As your chiropractor, she will give you a thorough report on your spinal health after performing her evaluation.


Report of Findings

After the evaluation process, Dr. Josi will do her homework and decide the best plan of care for you. This takes time, so she will have you come back for your Report and 1st Adjustment. At the Report of Findings, she will tell you exactly what is going on with your spine and if she thinks she can help you with your health concerns. She will come up with a game plan for you, specifically.


1st Adjustment

After both you and Dr. Josi agree that chiropractic care can help with your pain or health concerns, she will perform your first adjustment. She primarily uses a hands on approach, gently providing an adjustment to areas of the body that need to be adjusted. Adjustments are a very safe and helpful way to restore function, improve flexibility, and stimulate healing within the body.



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