Is Chiropractic Safe While I'm Pregnant?

We'll help you prepare for your LITTLE Miracle.

Expecting mothers have a lot of worries during their pregnancy. Chiropractic care should not be one of them as it is completely safe during your pregnancy. CORE Family Chiropractic specializes in family wellness. That covers mom, dad, kids, and your little one that hasn’t quite arrived. We use special techniques and equipment designed for prenatal chiropractic care.

During your pregnancy, you are carrying an extra 25-35 extra pounds. That extra weight will naturally cause more stress on your joints and spine. Your body is encountering many changes that may cause pain or discomfort.

As you’re preparing to bring your bundle of joy into this world, visit CORE Family Chiropractic for pregnancy chiropractic treatment. This will help you:

  • Ensure a healthy delivery

  • Gain more energy

  • Deal with less morning sickness

  • Experience headache, back or even sciatic pain relief

You’ll be better prepared to greet your newborn after you’ve worked with us. 

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Planning to introduce a new person in your life can make you feel excited and anxious. The professionals at CORE Family Chiropractic will help you develop a wellness plan so your body will be ready to conceive and deliver your baby. We can also treat your newborn to help them develop good posture at an early age. You can trust us to create a plan that will help you and your baby experience lasting results.

Dr. Josi was instructed by Dr. Claudia Anrig to perform the Webster's Technique, a specific adjustment and analysis for pregnant moms. The world known technique specifically addresses the mom's pelvis alignment to help with baby positioning and a healthy delivery.

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