5 Ways to Rid the Funk


FUNKTOWN:  5 ways to rid the funk.

Have you ever been in that funk!? That funk where you are mix of all emotions, kind of grouchy, kind of quiet, you want to be alone, everyone’s driving you crazy! If you haven’t, I don’t believe you! As an introvert, I have been in this space many times and have found that there are a few ways to get out of it. But what is this funk anyway? Is there a chance that our body puts us in this place for a reason? In my many experiences, I have become more of a pro in this place. I truly believe that my body puts me here, in this funk, in order to force rest. I am a chiropractor seeing patients daily, giving my best self to them as they come in the door every time. What that does to me emotionally is tiring. I am someone who re-energizes when I’m alone. Therefore, when I don’t take this time on a regular basis, I pull into Funktown, parking in front of my TV, and numbly watch seasons of Grey’s Anatomy for the 6th time.  So, here are ways I have found to conquer the funk, and when you’re ready, join the world again.


1.      Set a Time Limit- Sit in this funk for as long as you see fit. Wallow in it for a while. Rest! But know that there is a time limit. Know that you will be done at some point to join the world again and show your gifts and talents, but right now sit in the funk and decide how long you can be here. Usually I put an exact time on it, and I truly sit in the funk until that time. The key is that when that time comes, you’ll move forward and be ready to start fresh.

2.     Hop in a Cold Shower. What!? Are you crazy! There’s research supporting cold showers and how it stimulates the body. It causes your body to release endorphins (the feel-good hormone) that improves depressive moods and stimulates the nervous system. This can refresh you with little effort.  Seriously, you stand there, and take deep breaths because of the shock LOL. It also increases your adaptability to stress when done on a regular basis.  It is recommended to take 2 to 3 cold showers every week for five minutes.

3.      Exercise. It’s easier to stay in motion when you are already moving. Am I right? Unfortunately it does take motivation to go from wallowing in your funk to exercising. I find it easier to start with easier movement first, as in going for a walk outside, doing a load of laundry, or even pushing play on my workout video. I do tell myself, “you are all in for five minutes”.  If you don’t feel like working out after five minutes, then you get to quit.  But I guarantee you, 99% of the time you will keep moving and finish your work out.

4.      Treat yourself.  Do something good for your body. Workouts can go underneath this category, or even scheduling yourself for your favorite workout class. My go-to is a chiropractic adjustment (that’s given right?).  Seriously, one of the best ways to reset is to get an “attitude adjustment”. Schedule yourself for massage or facial where you are being pampered and can relax. Or take an active route and schedule a tee time or racquetball game with friends.  Honestly anything you can do to create momentum and gives your body some love.


5. And lastly, and probably most importantly, find an accountability partner who you can trust is with you, without judgement. This person needs to be willing to RESIST fixing the problem and only listen and create a safe place for you to come out of your funk. During my funk, I stop talking to people. I despise it and find it so annoying when my phone rings! Good luck trying to get a hold of me… sorry not sorry. So, this person cannot be calling you to fix you. They’re only there for when YOU are ready to reach out. I found this person through life coaching, but if you cannot afford that, I would really look into the people you have around you and ask somebody to be this person for you. Be very choosy with who this is. Funktown is a vulnerable place, so keep it safe.


Now that you know five tips on getting out of the funk please use them! We want you out there loving on the world and know you can do so, if you are taking care of yourself first. The number of trips to Funktown will decrease tremendously when you take care of yourself every day.  But when you find yourself in the funk, use these five ways as a guide.  Own the funk, release the funk, and join us in this world again!

Authentically written by Josi

Josi Jenson