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I have made it to 37 weeks in my pregnancy, a huge deal to us! Both our kids were born 6 weeks early, 37 weeks means, God willing, no NICU and getting to hold my baby right after it is born! I want to thank Dr. Josie of Core Family Chiropractic. I firmly believe she has got me as far along in my pregnancy as I am, and I am forever grateful!


November 2017

I was really reluctant to start chiropractic services as I didn't think it would help nor did I have the extra time. I was wrong! I have not felt this good in years!! Josi and Amy make it super convenient to get in and out. I now trust CORE with my whole family.


July 2017

The team at Core Family Chiropractic is very knowledgeable and professional! I highly recommend them to anyone!


July 6, 2017

I have had Dr Josi work on me multiple times and leave feeling very much refreshed. Pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and post partum! She took care of me accordingly. She also is very good with my baby girl. She first worked on her at only a few weeks old! Highly recommended for pregnant moms and for post partum to help with pelvis issues!!


April 2017

Dr Josi has been very helpful in my wellness journey. I have had chronic tailbone pain for several years and have used many different methods to combat and fix my issue with no resolve until now. Since seeing Dr Josi, I have finally have relief and only attribute it to her chiropractic approach.


March 2017

Great work Josi! It's awesome to see how much you truly do care about your patients and their health.


March 2017

Josi truly cares about the health and well being of her clients. She has an open mind to the many ways the body needs healing. She's a true trailblazer in the chiropractic field!


March, 2017

I am a regular stomach sleeper, though, I avidly try not to be. Due to that I can always tell when my neck goes out of place. After moving to Bismarck in 2012, I hadn't taken the time to find a new chiropractor and was living with constant headaches. I found Dr. Josi through what feel now like an act of fate. I will never forget my first appointment, my confusion and curiosity in the scans and x-ray performed. I was happily very wrong in what care I was about to receive. I was expecting the quick fix...adjust my neck and no more headaches. Not on Dr. Josi's watch! Dr. Josi and CORE Family Chiropractic cares about your wellness. I found out that day that how I stood caused my head to weigh 3 times the normal weight, and that I had anxiety so intense that it caused my back to come out of alignment! I have been working with Dr. Josi regularly now for a year. In that year, she's helped me get well through stretches to help my posture, but also manage stress. My vertebrae, that is effected by anxiety, hasn't been out of place in at least 6 months. On top of that, she offers workout classes and supplements to round out all aspects of wellness. You tell me, where else can you find a doctor who cares enough about all of you and will support you on your wellness journey? CORE Family Chiropractic is one of a kind.


February 2017

I had numbness in my arms that affected both my job and my ability to sleep. Doctors told me Id likely need surgery to correct the issue. I had been to a few chiropractors who without much looking "knew" what was wrong; cracked me and sent me on my way with no real results. I found Core because of my wife and although skeptical that it would actually help, reluctantly I gave it a try. And I'm so glad I did! Through adjustments and stretches that Dr. Josi provides I haven't dealt with arm pain/numbness since. It might not be an instant cure like surgery but the Gonstead method she uses made me a believer. Instead of just guessing where problems were she used scans of my bones, muscles, and nerves to literally see inside me to find the source of my issues. Highly, highly recommend Core.


February 2017

My son and myself have been adjusted by Dr. Josi. She was very thorough when adjusting my 3 month old, and always willing to share her knowledge with me. I'm glad she is a Gonstead chiropractor because I know I'm getting the best type of adjustments for myself and my family. She also makes it very affordable for families to acheive wellness.


February 2017

Josi is great and I like knowing the adjustments I am getting are more precise than just trying to explain where it hurts and hoping they will get it right. All of the scans and xrays and what not are rather reassuring.


February 2017

Dr. Josi is great! She not only takes care of your chiropractic needs but helps you develop an entire wellness plan!


February 2017

I use to always have lower back pain, hip pain, and pretty severe tmj. Because of Dr. Josi my body has taken leaps and bounds toward recovery. Her unique method really pinpoints the cause of the problem. I won't go to any other chiropractor that doesn't use the Gonstead method.


February 2017